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Touch the Sky–Beverly School for the Deaf, 6 Echo Ave  The playground is open to the public when school is not in session.  The wide ramps and rubber surface accommodate wheelchairs. The bucket-seat swings are good for kids who need extra support. A slide made out of roller balls is designed for children, such as those with autism, who like touch sensations. One of the slides is made out of metal instead of plastic, which can be a hazard to children with cochlear implants, which aid hearing.  The equipment comes from Landscape Structures Inc.

Touch the Sky Playground

North Beverly Elementary School Rising Stars Playground–48 Putnam Street   This is a Boundless Playground™.

North Beverly Elementary School Rising Stars Playground


Mission Hill Playground–Tremont Street and Smith Street in the Roxbury area of the city.  The website theTraveling Wheelchair gave this playground a wonderful review.  The playground includes an accessible spray park that is lit at night so you can play on it on a hot’s summer night.

Mission Hill Playground

Harambee Park Boundless Playground — Talbot Avenue.

Harambee Park Boundless Playground


Francis Wyman Playground–resides at Francis Wyman Elementary School, 41 Terrace Hall Avenue.  This is a nature-based playground.

Francis Wyman Elementary School Playground


Everybody’s Playground — Leroy L. Wood School 60 Sconticut Neck Road. This is a Boundless Playground™.

Everybody’s Playground


Wilson Boundless™ Playground–resides in Bliss Park, 252 Bliss Road.   The 14,000 square foot playscape features a Candyland Pathway, Monopoly cars, and life-size Twister Board. Mr. Potato Head stands six feet tall at the entrance of the park, greeting all visitors.    The facility also boasts large poured-in-place fall surfaces, a sand play area with digger trucks, both handicap-accessible and traditional swings, several variations of slides, a zip cord, tire swing, balance elements and climbing structures.

Wilson Boundless Playground

Marshfield Township

The Marshfield Kids at Play Park–located in Library Plaza, located off Snow Road in Marshfield Center. The playground is 10,000 sq feet, and has 16 slides, a rock climbing wall, and full access for all children. The playground also incorporates representations of historic town spots, such as the Winslow House and the Marshfield Hills General Store, owned by actor Steve Carell, into the design.

Marshfield Kids at Play Park

New Bedford

Buttonwood Park–Lt Walter E Fuller Memorial Pkwy.  This is a  Boundless Playground™.

Buttonwood Park


North Attleborough

North Attleborough Learning Center Playground — 25 School Street. This is a Boundless Playground™.

North Attleborough Learning Center Playground


Adventures for Angels Playground–resides in Ross Memorial Park on Johnson Street    The accessible part of the park features a zip line, seesaw for up to four, swings accommodating every child, a wide rollerslide, and special panels, including an interactive Braille clock and wind chimes. For parents there are many benches and the playground in fenced in.  You can view pictures at KaBOOM.

Adventures for Angels Playground


Rotary Park–resides in Springside Park, Springside Avenue.  This is a  Boundless Playground™ and made with equipment from Miracle Recreation.

Rotary Park


Amedlia Grace Place Playground–located at Rockport Elementary School, 34 Jerden’s Lane   (It is open to the public during non-school hours).  Playground includes accessible swings, climbing structure that enables a wheelchair to go to the top, and many ground-level activities.

Amelia Grace Place Playground


Bill Adelson Playground–resides in Haskell Recreation Area on the corner of Fairbank and Hudson Roads.  This is a toddler playground.

Bill Adelson Playground

Lyons’ Pride – A Boundless Playground™ –40 Fairbank Road.

Lyons’ Pride Boundless Playground

S.M.I.L.E Sudbury-66 Dudley Road. SMILE (Simple Mobility in a Learning Environment) is a community-built playground done by GameTime. The playground includes climbers, slides, play panels, and spring riders. There is also a playground sculpture of Harry the Hippo which children can climb through.

SMILE Sudbury Playground

West Barnstable

Luke’s Love Boundless Playground™ — Lombard Field Route 149. It is exceptional to find a playground in a community that is barrier-free. Built so that all children, with and without disabilities, can engage in productive play. Check out the new bike rack that has been installed near the front entrance. There is an ADA approved portable toilet parked on the pavement and accessible to all!  We have also installed a brand new, bright red, ADA compliant Jenn Swing for smaller children with physical limitations that require a more secure fit.  We have named this swing ‘Charlotte’s Swing’ in honor of a precious girl who loves to visit Cape Cod and swing at Luke’s Love.

Luke’s Love Boundless Playground

West Dennis

All Access Playground–located at Graded School, 75 School Street.  This is a Boundless Playground™ and made with equipment from Playworld Systems.

All Access Playground


Ronan McElligott Memorial Playground–located at at Edwards Beach on Williams Road.  This is a Boundless Playground™ and made with equipment from Miracle Recreation.

Ronan McElligott Memorial Playground



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