This is just a few examples of playgrounds in Arizona.  For a complete list of please visit the Accessible Playground Directory.


Earl Edgar Park–500 South Miller Road. This 23 acre facility is home to the Craig Counsell Field of Dreams ball field. There is an additional lighted Little League field and 2 lighted multi-use softball fields. Included in the park are a lighted football field, one half mile walking path, lighted multi -use fields, one and a half lighted basketball courts, and a boundless shaded playground.


Arrowhead Meadows Park–1475 W. Erie St  NOTE: partial wood fiber is used as surfacing. This playground displays bright, primary colors and features GameTime’s innovative wide ramps, which allow two wheelchairs to pass each other, and accessible decks that allow children in mobility devices to reach the highest play components, a RockScape climber, and many ground level activities, including GTJams musical play, for those who are more comfortable using lower play components.   The structure is also covered in GTShade to provide protection from the sun on hot days.   To complement the large, school age, accessible structure, a smaller unit was also installed nearby for preschool children ages 2-5, as well as several freestanding events, such as an ADA accessible stock car and a whirlwind seat.   Engineered Wood Fiber and areas of colorful Poured Rubber were used as safety surfacing to allow impact attenuation from falls and help prevent injury.


Telephone Pioneers of America Park— 1946 W. Morningside Drive or19th Avenue and Grovers Avenue In addition to the fully accessible playground, the park features a therapeutic pool, wheelchair accessible sports courts and beep baseball fields for those who are visually impaired.

Gompers Habilitation Center6601 North 27th Avenue. The playground provides opportunities to play and practice life skills. Swings, slides, chin-up bars, components that click, rattle and rotate all provide physical, auditory and tactile stimulation. There are ramps, but also stair so children with mobility ability have an opportunity to use their large muscles in their arms and legs.


Stewart Vincent Wolfe Creative PlaygroundLocated inWest Wetlands Regional Park, 2200 Water Street.  This Leathers and Associates Playground is a 17,000-square-foot kingdom for kids—that’s over 3 acres of playground!


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