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At the beginning of this process, we set a very high standard for the playgrounds we listed.  But then, we rethought it as parents.  Yes, we would all love to have the perfect inclusive playground in our neighborhood.  But we know that is not reality. Personally, I would have been so happy to have an accessible swing seat and a route to get there.  My son didn’t need anything else.   So we have included any playground that has inclusive and accessible features.

We have done our best to give as much information as we can find to describe the playgrounds.  But we cannot visit all of these playgrounds, so please let us know what we are missing.  email us at

We know that it is difficult to push a wheelchair through wood mulch (EWF) and we have done our best to let you know about the surfacing.

In the BIO section, you will find a description of the playground.  In the NOTES section, you will most likely find information about the park the playground resides in so that you can plan your entire day.  If the inclusive playground is really large, the NOTES section will give you more information.

All of the playgrounds (at the time of publication) are open to the public.  Any of the playgrounds located at schools, you can assume are open afterschool and on weekends.  You may want to call the school to check on the opening times.



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