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Landscape Structures Inc. was founded in 1971 by Barb and Steve King, and is headquartered in Delano, Minn. Quickly becoming one of the leading commercial playground equipment manufacturers in the world, Landscape Structures currently has more than 300 employees and a global network of 200 playground consultants who are all singularly committed to creating healthy kids and a sustainable world. The employee-owned company has a long, rich history of creating innovative products with incredible safety features and exciting play experiences for children of all abilities.

In 2001 and 2002, Landscape Structures consulted with the United States Access Board to draft Accessibility Guidelines for play areas under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  These guidelines established minimum standards for all newly built or altered play areas, and indicated not only what is to be accessible, but also how to achieve it. For the first time, children with disabilities were given access to the world of play at schools, parks and child care centers.

But for Landscape Structures that was only the beginning. Now that a path to the playground had been cleared for all children, the company focused energies on making the playground fun for everyone. In 2003, Landscape Structures introduced Sway Fun®—the first play event designed to allow children with disabilities to not only be in the middle of play, but to lead it. A year later, the Thunderhead Climber® was introduced. This new rotationally molded transfer module doubled as a climber, and enabled children with disabilities to climb and hang out with everyone else.

Landscape architects, school principals, parents and park directors have looked beyond the minimum requirements for accessibility, and worked tirelessly with Landscape Structures to achieve something great. One such customer is Randy Trousdell, director of parks and recreation for the City of Tallahassee. By working closely with the Tallahassee chapter of Rotary International and his local playground consultant, Rep Services, Inc., Randy created a playground that has become a destination for children of all ages and abilities.

The Rotary Centennial Playground at Tom Brown Park includes a Sway Fun glider, many accessible reach panels, integrated shade structures and an integrated ramp system providing access to many interactive play events. Most importantly, its design puts children with disabilities at the center of play. Read more.

In 2010, Landscape Structures introduced a new line of sensory play products inviting millions of children with sensory processing disorders into the heart of the playground and redefined the very nature of inclusive play. By working together, the company feels it can give all children the play experiences they crave and the physical, social, cognitive and emotional development they need.

For more information about designing and installing a beyond accessible playground, contact your local Landscape Structures playground consultant, or browse our selection of beyond accessible designs and our most accessible products.




Sway Fun Glider
Sway Fun Glider




Sensory Play Center
Sensory Play Center™
Sensory Wall
Multi-Sensory Discovery Wall
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Roller Table
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