Add inclusive playgrounds to the directory

Have you found an inclusive playground that you want to add to the directory?  Great!  Here is where you can do it.  You need to sign-in first.  Then complete the form.

Just some hints:

  1. First check that you are adding an organization rather than an individual
  2. In the place for name–put the name of the playground.  You don’t need to put in anything for contact or department.
  3. The image size for the photo of you playground can be no larger than: Width: 300px; Height: 225px and the size for your logo is: Width: 225px; Height: 150px;
  4. In the address form–Put the name of the park in the first line (if different from the playground) and then add the rest of the address.  Do your best to add an zip code, it helps to generate the map.  Make sure you add the country, since this is an international directory.  You don’t need to put in the latitude and longitude unless it easy for you.
  5. The phone number, email, and messenger ID is completely optional.
  6. If the playground or park has a Facebook page, Twitter Feed, or Pinterest page, you can add these links to the the Social Media tab.
  7. If the playground or park has a website, please add it by typing in “Visit Website” and then copy in the URL.
  8. In the Biography section please let us know as much as possible about the playground.
  • What kind of surfacing does it have?  What are the inclusive/accessible features?
  • How does it go beyond ADA?
  • Are there bathrooms?
  • Is there water play?  Is this a sprayground?
  • Is there a fence–a gate?
  • To add a video, switch the text mode and then type this in embed with [ ] around it, then the URL for the YouTube Video including the html:// and then close it with  /embed with [ ] around it.


When you have finished, hit submit.  We will review your submission and then add it to the directory.
If you have any problems or need assistance, email

We greatly appreciate your help in making the directory as comprehensive as possible.


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