Inclusive Playground at Royal Children’s Hospital–a pictorial tour

Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne Australia. The playground is part of a beautiful new “green” hospital.  This tiny playground was designed by Fiona Robbe. Robbe is an amazing landscape architect who designs beautiful inclusive playgrounds.  Visit her website to see many pictures of her different designs.

When asked about the playground, Robbe wrote, “I am very pleased with this one – it is tiny, but delivers to a wide audience of kids with different needs……as well as their siblings.   The playground features a timber transfer deck into the sandpit, as well as graduated balancing (the “ gecko creature”), an electronic spinning challenge, rope climbing and rocking. All items have been carefully selected for various outcomes eg climbing is offered at 2 levels.  In the space of half an hour I saw sick kids, kids with various intellectual impairments, and very well kids all playing together….and plenty of parents and grandparents were very involved. It was simply wonderful to watch.”

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