Pumpkins for playground

Amy Wiseman in Grand Bend, Ontario will be selling Pumpkins for $3 each or 2/$5…100% of proceeds will be going toward our playground.  She got the pumpkins compliments from a local company, Sunrise Greenhouses.

Grand Bend School Association members Amy Wiseman and Jennifer Maguire wanted to see playground equipment every all the school children could use- and especially be accessible for those children with handicaps.  So these two moms have done something about it and so far have raised $30,000–just the two of them.

The moms said it has been a number of years since this equipment has been improved and with changes to the School Board alignments and amalgamation of school districts, the population of students have increased dramatically.

“We have a vision to enhance our children’s playground, creating a safer, age appropriate, imaginative, accessible and fun environment,” they said.

The committee of two have sent out letters to those people who may want to support such a huge endeavour. Many groups, families, and organizations have stepped up to the plate–to the tune of $29,000.

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