Freenotes Harmony Park

“Freenotes instruments are a wonderful addition to our sensory playground! Children seem immediately drawn to these instruments and our therapist use them a lot.”  —   Sheryl Benjamin, Executive Director, Sensory Therapies and Research (STAR) Center, the premier treatment and research facility for children and families impacted by sensory processing disorders.

children playing on Freenotes Harmony Park Instruments

Freenotes Make Music Fun and Accessible to Everyone

These beautiful instruments focus on social sustainability for public spaces. Embracing the concept of creating environments that are usable by all people Freenotes satisfies the goal of universal design. While they are accessible for people with physical and cognitive disabilities, Freenotes also enhance any outdoor setting with music making it usable and appealing to all.

Freenotes have been providing real outdoor musical instruments with distinct pure tones that blend into soothing sounds since 1995. These percussion instruments are perfectly tuned and make musical expression accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ability or musical training. The simplest of motor skills are needed to activate pure harmonies ensuring success for all players.

Improving human performance they ensure musical success from the very first note. The ensemble is created so any combination of notes is pleasing. Internationally recognized as the finest and most innovative musical ensemble, Freenotes sounds are sophisticated and surprisingly delightful.

Promoting health and wellness, Freenotes offer a unique play experience connecting people to their creativity in outdoor environments. Harmony Park offers beautiful instruments that enliven outdoor settings with concert quality sound. Engaging and inviting participation and interaction, Freenotes bring people back again and again.

Encouraging social participation, Freenotes are easily played by people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, mobility, visual, auditory or mental ability. Music will always be a gathering force that builds community.  These unique sound sculptures deliver creative sensory play through engaging interactive art. Freenotes are the next generation of outdoor musical instrument.

Based in Durango Colorado, Grammy Award winning musician Richard Cooke created this unique variety of instruments to ensure musical success from the very first note. No other system of musical instruments offers this opportunity – especially to a novice. All Freenotes instruments are in the category of percussion instruments because they are played with mallets. The ensemble is created so all instruments play together and any combination of notes is pleasing.

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