Park of Dreams is situated in the wooded lot at Volunteer Park in the Industrial Park


Spring Creek Elementary–1100 Spring Creek Rd. The playground was designed by Gametime.

For a full list of Tennessee playgrounds, please visit our Accessible Playground Directory


Gabriel’s Garden resides in North Park on US Highway 45 N.


Darrell’s Dream Boundless Playground & Lions Narnia Braille Trail–located in Warriors’ Path State Park , 1678 Fall Creek Rd.  Features variety of outdoor recreation experiences for children of all abilities.   A Lions Narnia Braille Trail has eight sensory stations along a quarter-mile,  wheelchair-accessible Trail that tell visitors the story of Aslan, the lion in C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia fantasy.  Each station has an exhibit, a large-print sign with Braille, and speaker with push button that activates an audio theatrical recording.


Ashley Nicole Dream Playground–620 Winona St.

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