This is just a few examples of Illinois playgrounds, for a full listing please visit our Accessible Playground Directory


Thaddeus James Weisner park–located at the corner of Fourth and Flagg streets.


Citizens Park–511 Lake Zurich Road at Route 14.  Home of the Pepper Family Treehouse, a Tree House Guys Treehouse.

Miller Park–Lincoln & Summit Streets.  This 8-acre park includes a handicap-accessible playground area and a Scout Cabin


Bloom Playground located in Belvidere Park 1006 W. Lincoln Avenue


Playground for Everyone-Located within Winter Park, 900 Winter Avenue.  This 10,000 square foot playground in a project of AMBUCs, Danville Chapter and was designed to be nearly 100% accessible.   The equipment from Little Tikes is designed so that children with disabilities can play on the equipment – not just roll up and sit on it.

Independence Park–Located at Lincoln Park, 1000 Logan Avenue.  Another AMBUCS project that is smaller than Playground for Everyone and contains different equipment also from Little Tikes.

Spraypark for Everyone–Located at Danville municiple swimming pool at Garfield Park.   Another AMBUCS project is a zero-depth water play area accessible to all people, regardless of their ability.


Deerspring Park–200 Deerfield Rd.  The playground has rampways, slides, climbing structures and other components.  It was built within the framework of existing trees at Deerspring Park to give it a “treehouse” feel.


Noah’s Playground for Everyone–Located at Lawson Park at Lighthouse Landing, Sheridan and Clinton Pl. The playground features a “barrier free” ramp system so that every child – in a wheelchair or otherwise – can reach the playground’s highest points, a sandbox that is suspended to let those in wheelchairs play next to those who can stand or walk, bright colors to help those with limited eyesight navigate the equipment, different textures to stimulate sensory development, bells, whistles, chimes, and other noise makers to teach cause and effect, and quiet nooks and crannies to allow children to escape sensory overload.  NOTE: a portion of the playground includes engineered wood fiber.


Discovery Zone is located in Deicke Park a 28-acre public park located on Route 47. The playground has a rubberized surface and low-level play structures. It is geared towards toddlers and preschoolers with a huge emphasis on pretend play. The playground encourages interaction with the senses, including touch, sight and sound. There are sensors beneath the rubberized surface play musical notes when they’re pressed. When two or more children press the sensors at the same time, they play a melody. Children can pretend to get their hair cut at Hoppy’s Barber Shop, or serve up imaginary ice cream cones at the Huntley Dairy Mart. There is a firetruck and school bus, a playground train, musical instruments, a zoo, and basketball hoops at different heights. There is also a sand area. Bells actually sound at the railroad crossing, and there is a giant chalkboard.

Morton Grove

Prairie View Park— 6834 Dempster.  NuToys, a La Grange-based company provided much of the equipment for this playground. The pathways are made of a rubber material. The equipment was placed where children in wheelchairs could reach, such as a sandbox area with special scoops. The playground also includes special rock-climbing surfaces, an activity areas with a sign-language board, and items with textures that attract children with disabilities.


Pearce’s Ford Park–601 Pearce’s Ford Rd. A 1.6-acre park features an accessible playground with a poured-in-place rubberized surface overlooking the Waubonsee Creek and Waubonsee Greenway.The playground was a joint effort of the Oswegoland Park District and the Fox Valley Special Recreation Association.

Civic Center Park–5 Ashlawn Ave. An 8.8-acre park, next to the aquatic park, features an accessible playground with ramps and a poured-in-place rubberized surface. Adjacent to the playround, you’ll find a picnic shelter with an outdoor grill for day-long fun. The playground includes 4 slides, 8 climbers, activity panels, and swings.

Prospect Heights

Country Garden Parks–901 N. Schoenbeck Rd.   Country Gardens Park features a playground designed by Kompan, tennis courts, an outdoorbasketball court, soccer fields and a picnic shelter.

Tinley Park

McCarthy Park, located at 16801 South 80th Avenue, features ramps wide enough for passing wheelchairs that lead to slides, games and a Sway Fun seating area that rocks back and forth. Interactive elements like drums and a sensory panel with rolling marbles and a color wheel are designed to engage the senses. There is an adult wheelchair swing.

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