This is just a few examples of playgrounds in Connecticut.  For a full listing, please visit the Accessible Playground Directory.


Buckingham Park–This inclusive PlayBooster® playstructure has many innovative design aspects. A concrete berm connects the sidewalk to the playstructure ramps. A Sway Fun® glider welcomes both children using wheelchairs or other mobility devices and their able-bodied peers to interact together. The playground equipment is from Landscape Structures Inc and designed by O’Brien & Sons, Inc.


Friendship Place–Willard Elementary School, 1088 Norton Road.  This is a Boundless Playground.  The equipment comes from Miracle Recreation.


Dewitt Page Park–647 King Street.   Entrances off King Street, Moody Street, Page Avenue and Woodland Street.  The park includes an outdoor pool, toddler playground, regular playground, Boundless Playground with splash pad, fishing lagoon for youngsters under 16 yrs. old, picnic areas, five lighted tennis courts, lighted softball field, hardball diamond, pavilion and lodge buildings.


Bloomfield Boundless Playground–330 Park Ave.  The playground features lots of ground-level activities and ramps invite those using mobility devices, while Pipe Barriers and CableCore® provide tactile stimulation. In addition the playground has climbers and slides. The playground equipment is from Landscape Structures Inc and designed by O’Brien & Sons, Inc.


Lake Garda Elementary School–61 Monce Road.   This a Boundless Playground.


Kids in Motion–Park resides in Bartlem Park, off of Route 10.   This 38,000 square feet playground is understood to be the largest in Connecticut. This fully accessible Boundless Playground offers the newest equipment including poured-in-place surfacing, a Kidrox Climber, a Double Webscape and a Playworld Music Center.   In addition, there is a drinking fountain and picnic area, Cool Topper Sails for lots of shade and a gated fence to keep children safe.  A majority of playground equipment comes from Miracle Recreation.

East Windson

Town House Annex Park–25 School Street in the Warehouse Point Section of town. This is a Boundless Playground.


Farmington’s Boundless Playground at West District School--114 W. District Road


Glastonbury Rotary Boundless™ Playground–In Addison Park, 419 Addison Road.  A multi-purpose facility that houses softball fields, outdoor basketball courts, soccer and lacrosse fields, a Boundless Playground, tennis courts, picnic areas and an outdoor swimming pool.


Tercentennial Legacy Playground–located in Poquonnock Plains Park.


Goodwin Park Boundless™ Playground–1130 Maple Avenue.  The equipment comes from Miracle Recreation.

DeLucco Park–Corner of Brook Street and Albany Ave.  This is a Boundless Playground.


Land of Ahs--Resides in Owen Bell Park, Dayville, 580 Hartford Pike.   This park offers something for everyone a track and trails for running and walking, a Boundless Playground, basketball and tennis courts, ball fields and picnic areas.


Northwest Park–448 Tolland Tpke.  The park hosts a class “A” little league field and a class “A” baseball field. In addition, there are hiking trails, a picnic pavilion with a full kitchen, fishing pier, sand volleyball courts, and a Boundless Playground.


New Haven

Hannah’s Dream–resides in East Shore Park, 350 Woodward Avenue.  This is a Boundless Playground.

New London

New London Rotary Centennial Playground–Resides in Toby May Field, Ocean Avenue.  This is a Boundless Playground.


Our Children’s Place–Resides in Mill Pond Park, 131 Cedar Street.  Facilities in Mill Pond Park include a baseball field, a Boundless Playground, soccer fields, tennis courts, outdoor pool, basketball court, concession stand, walking nature trail, ice skating, football field, fishing pond for children and seniors, and a waterfall.  The equipment comes from Miracle Recreation. Read a parent’s review


Devon’s Place–Resides in Matthew’s Park, 325 West Avenue.  This is a Boundless Playground


Rotary’s All Inclusive Playground–located at the Recreation Center, 195 Danbury Road


Rainbow Playground–Resides in Panthorn Park, 420 Burritt Street.  This is a Boundless Playground.


Rotary Park Boundless™ Playground–Iron Horse Boulevard.  The equipment is from Miracle Recreation.

South Windsor

My Friend’s Place–located near Nevers Road Community Center on Nevers Road.  This is a Boundless Playground with equipment from Miracle Recreation.


Didi Wein Playground & Mikey’s Playground-located at the JCC of Stamford, 1035 Newfield Avenue. This is a Boundless Playground with equipment from Play& Park Structures. The playground allows every child can reach the highest play deck.  There are cozy spots where everyone can gather.  Equipment includes swings and bouncers have back support and elevated sand tables and activity panels.  The playground is built on two levels:  Mikey’s Playground, the early childhood area for ages two to five on the upper level, and the Didi Wein Playground, for children five and older, on the lower level.  Mikey’s Playground is named in memory of Michael Dorf, the late son of Fran and Bob Dorf.   The lower playground is named for the late Didi Wein. Following her death in the late nineties, Didi’s friends not only donated the funds, but actually constructed the playground with their own hands.

Twin Meadows
Twin Meadows

Twin Meadows Boundless™ Playgroundlocated at Still Meadows Elementary School , 800 Stillwater Road.  This playground is a testament to the determination of a parent in championing its development, and the creativity of a landscape architect in integrating the playground into a beautiful, wooded hillside. Working with the playground designers at Landscape Structures, landscape architect, Phil Barlow, and the folks at Boundless Playgrounds®, the parent designed an enormous 25,000 square-foot playground that is unlike anything else. At the crest of the playground is a wheelchair-accessible tree house featuring an enclosed deck that is used by teachers to host classes. Cascading down from this vantage point is a series of play areas linked by walkways and poured-in place surfacing. Two bridges overlook a man made stream and waterfall, a picnic area protected by CoolToppers® shade systems and a wheelchair maze constructed from hedges. The site also feataures a Sway Fun® glider that allows children of all abilities to experience a swinging motion along with all of their friends.  The playground consultant on this project was O’Brien & Sons.  Read more.


Maeve’s Dreamland–located at Schofield Park, 251 Bunker Hill Avenue.   A Boundless Playground.


Mikey’s Place–resides in Standish Park on Hartford Avenue.  It is a wheelchair friendly community playground, featuring two accessible playscapes for children two to twelve.


Memorial Park Boundless™ Playground–located at Memorial Park , Tingley Street & Main Street


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