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A Response to NPR: Accessible Playgrounds

I hope all of you heard or read NPR articles on accessible playgrounds. Let Kids Play was pleased to have provided background information to the reporter working on the story. It is great that NPR has brought attention to the issue of playgrounds for everyone. After reading the comments on the story, I wanted to […]

ADA Checklist for Readily Achievable Barrier Removal

The Institute for Human Centered Design has development a check list for readily achievable barrier removal for existing buildings. They will be coming out with a checklist that deals specifically with recreational areas in January. This checklist is still worthwhile in getting and adding to your resources as it deals with:

Parking Entrance Route Curb […]

Chicago Park Districts describe what accessible means to them

The Chicago Park District does an excellent job describing to their constituents what they mean when they talk about an accessible playground. Many park districts say that their parks are accessible, but what they mean is that they are ADA compliant, which does not mean that they are truly usable for children with disabilities.

First […]