Kids Cove at Mount Trashmore invites all children to play together

Kids Cove Playground at Mount Trashmore Park at Virginia Beach opened in 2010. At nearly 26,000 square feet, the playground is comprised of three distinct play areas built on a rubber surface: a giant play structure that includes a multitude of slides, elevated walkways, climbers and more; an area that has swings for all ages; and an area comprised of a variety of climbing structures. Benches and picnic shelters are available throughout the playground.  See pictures of the playground’s construction.

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World Renowned Mount Trashmore Park encompasses 165 acres and is comprised of two man-made mountains, two lakes, two playgrounds, a skate park and vert ramp, and multi-use paths. The main mountain, Mount Trashmore, now 60 feet in height and 800 feet long, was created by compacting layers of solid waste and clean soil. Recognized for its environmental feat, this former land fill features a water-wise garden that boasts xeriscaping, where you can enjoy a beautiful garden that requires minimal water.

The park also features a smaller mountain, Encore Hill, and two lakes.

  • Lake Windsor (located along South Blvd.) is brackish water fed by Thalia Creek.
  • Lake Trashmore (located along Edwin Drive) is freshwater and hosts various species of fish.


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