Shawnee Park in Louisville, KY is home to an inclusive playground

Shawnee Playground is the second inclusive playground in Louiseville, KY that is featuring.  Once again it was built through the efforts of a partnership between the Dream Foundation, Olmstead Parks Conservancy, and Louiseville Metro Parks .  The playground was built in a similar design to the playground in Iroquois Park.  In this playground, the splash play area was designed in the form of a riverboat with spraying “smokestacks” and “waterwheels” and includes a concrete “wave wall” at the perimeter of the play area.  The playground is a multi-dimensional area complete with swing sets, slides and shaded areas.

Shawnee Park is one of 18 parks designed by famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted and his firm.

“Frederick Law Olmsted’s objective for all his parks was that all people, regardless of differences, could benefit from everything that parks offer. This “play together” playground would make Mr. Olmsted smile. We’re delighted to help bring this project to life,” said Mimi Zinniel, director of the Olmsted Parks Conservancy.

The new playground/sprayground uses a series of ramps allowing easy access for wheelchair users. The ramps take users to upper playground decks for access to those play elements. There is also a large boat-type element on the playground that can accommodate up to eight people sitting and two wheelchairs.

Rubber surfaces throughout the playground also make it easier for wheelchairs or those who might require the assistance of a crutch or walker. In the splash play area, the sounds of water will stimulate the senses of visually impaired children. The sprayground celebrates Shawnee Park’s relationship with and proximity to the Ohio River.

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The playground was designed by Environs Landscape Architects with equipment from Landscape Structures.

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