Travel to Fairfax, Virginia for a fully inclusive family play area: treehouse, spraypark, and playground

Playground thrills for children of all abilities await at Fairfax, Virginia’s newest attraction, the fully-accessible Tiki Village play area at Lee District Park. The treehouse-themed playground features slides, swings and other equipment specially designed for children ages 5 to 12, including those with special needs. The Tiki Village playground is the first of three sections planned for Chessie’s BIG Backyard.  When more money is raised an accessible carousel will be added.

The Tiki Village playground is located just steps away the Special Harbor sprayground, a fully accessible, Chesapeake Bay-themed attraction that  includes a spraying osprey nest, Chessie the sea serpent, misting sunflowers and a lighthouse. The beach area is quieter with softer bubblers and interactive water tables. The computerized water maze and dumping crab basket provide more lively activity. Aqua shoes are required when visiting the sprayground. General admission is free, however, Sprayground admission for groups of 12 or more is $3 per person.

In addition to the playground and spraypark, don’t miss the accessible treehouse.  Where you can climb high up into the trees and  look out over a beautiful stream.

The playground, spraypark and treehouse are located at Lee District Park, 6601 Telegraph Road in Franconia, VA.

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