Giggle. Play. Connect. brings children of all abilities together at inclusive playground


The Groveland Elementary School playground is located at 17310 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN  55345 and is  is open to the public when school is not in session.

The playground was planned, designed and installed over 4 years.  The planning committee was a collaboration between the school district, school principal & staff, PTO and parent volunteers.  They were very intentional in the playground design as the goal was to provide a playground that was beyond accessible…and inclusive.  They included many different types of play experiences to ensure there is opportunities for parallel play and access to over 90% of the playground is accessible for individuals of varying abilities.

The manufacturer of the equipment is Landscape Structures.  The playground includes: an EVOS structure, a roller slide, a Sway Fun, belt swings and an accessible swing seat, a sand play area, and a climbing net.  The surfacing is a combination of pour-in-place and engineered wood mulch.

One of the best parts of this playground is the events that are held there for families with and without disabilities.  They are called “Giggle. Play. Connect.” and were developed with the help of Shane’s Inspiration. Mary Hauff the coordinator was the events, said she has been inviting families from across the Twin Cities.  She says that they  have had good success.  The event attendance varies and has been as cozy as 20 children and as grand as over 90.  Each event takes on its own personality and dynamic based on the children present, weather and creativity that blossoms.

The pictures below were taken at a Giggle. Play. Connect. event.

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Here is a video that was put together by Shane’s Inspiration and Landscape Structures:


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