Shiver Me Timbers rises from ashes as an inclusive playground

Shiver Me Timbers Millennium Park (“Millennium Park”) was constructed in September, 2000 in celebration of the new millennium. The park was built by over 6,000 volunteers and funded completely through public and private donations. Since opening in September, 2000, the Park entertained over 500,000 children visits.

Unfortunately, the park was destroyed by fire in the early morning hours of January 9, 2011.

After the fire that burned Shiver Me Timber Playground

There was a tremendous outcry by the community to bring the park back bigger and better as a symbol of “Southwest Louisiana community spirit.” In less than a year Millennium Park, now twice the size of the original playground, was redesigned, rebuilt and ready for play by Christmas.

They made the desision to work with Leathers and Associates again, but to use plastic instead of lumber.  Therefore,  new playground was designed and built under their direction. Leathers & Associates, Inc. is a design firm that specializes in playgrounds “imagined by children and built by the community”. The philosophy of Leathers is that playgrounds that are community‐built, build communities. This approach allows a community to tailor its project around its culture, history, location and ability to raise the funds necessary to build it.

Twice the size of the original playground, it pays homage to the first playground

Accessible features of the new playground include ramps into the major structures like the Eagles Nest, an accessible swing, covered seating, activities for vestibular motion, four seat see-saw, and pour-in-place surfacing.

One component that is new to the design is the bigger than life 40 foot long Shiver Me Timbers Pirate Ship. It’s right next to the Eagle’s Nest. This two storied ship features a climbing cargo net, portals, decking and ramps sure to bring out the “pirate” in all who dare to set sail on this bigger than life play structure.



Towering above the new 20,000 square foot playground is the super]sized Crying Eaglefs Nest Tree House. Itfs been redesigned with see]through mesh screening adorned with hand crafted leaves, parents can watch as their children climb through, up and around this amazing new structure.


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