GardenSoxx helps bring nature into inclusive playgrounds

GardenSoxx® are an organic landscape and gardening system which makes use of high quality compost held inside a mesh tube to provide better growing conditions for your plants. This allows gardening anywhere and also allows you to create garden mazes, green roofs, and other unique features of an accessible playground.

A maze made out of Garden Soxx
Garden Soxx Maze

GardenSoxx are made out of a unique mesh sock fabric that is filled with a high quality growing media. Prefilled GardenSoxx are filled with a special high quality Compost GrowingMediaTM. GardenSoxx are usually made in 2 foot sections, so they are easy to handle and move around.

To plant a Garden Soxx simply cut a hole in the mesh large enough to plant your plug or seeds, using scissors or a knife. Follow planting depths according to your plants, cover the seed or plug with the compost inside the sock, and water as usual. Prefilled GardenSoxx are filled with a high quality growing media that is free of weeds. In addition, the mesh completely holds this growing media, and helps to keep weeds from coming inside the sock.  It is very easy for children to help with the planting.

There a variety of videos of You Tube of how to use GardenSoxx as well as showing you creative ways to use it.

Playworld Systems has come out with a line of playground equipment that use GardenSoxx plantings to bring nature in and around the playground.

Gardening beds for accessible playground
Different height gardening beds for people of all sizes


Garden Arches for accessible playground
Plant these Garden Arches with GardenSoxx to create a fun place to run or wheel under


Garden House by Playworld Systems
The Garden House is great for pretend play or as a cozy place


There are also Garden Gates that when planted create a beautiful entry way into your play space.

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