Elementary School in Virginia adds new all-inclusive playground

In 2010, The Sycolin Creek Elementary PTA began the design for Phase II of their playground, which opened in April of 2012. With the understanding that approximately 10% of the student population is in the special education program, they knew they needed an unique playground where all of our students could have fun and experience the joy of inclusive play.

The playground was carefully designed and reviewed by professional accessible playground designers, by Special Education teachers, by therapists, and most importantly, by mothers – those of children with special needs as well as typical children “and has been given the smile of approval by all.”  The PTA was able to raise $175,000 to fund it.

The playground equipment is from Playworld Systems and was installed by All Recreations, the Playworld Systems distributor in Virginia.  The playground is open to the public when school is not in session

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