Natural Instruments–brings music to the accessible playground

Music on the Playground–Part V

Natural Instruments products are constructed out of environmentally friendly materials or recycled materials. Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds, not only manufactures these products but is also an industry leader in designing and building Natural Playgrounds.

Adam Bienenstock started Natural Playgrounds as a social entrepreneurial effort to bring children back to nature.  He is committed to providing access to nature for all children.  According to his website, ” Bienenstock is of the philosophy that all playgrounds should be fully accessible to every child’s ability level. When we design natural playgrounds we design for wheelchair and walker accessibility. If there is a specific ability level that the playground must accommodate we have ths staff in Early Childhood Education and Kinesiology that can determine the appropriate components for the design. We also work closely with representatives of the McMaster Child Health Research Institute in Hamilton.”  

Adam pays attention to details such as reach ranges and his a variety of surfacing to make his playgrounds accessible.  He makes about six different musical instruments.  Watch just the first minute of the following video which was filmed two years ago to get a sense of the quality of the instruments.  The photo descriptions below are from the Natural Instruments website.

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