Wordless Wednesday: First accessible playground in India

A one-minute film on the joys of inclusive play at Kilikili’s first project site – Coles park in Bangalore. Kilikili’s purpose is to create public play spaces that can be used by all children, with or without disabilities. They see inclusive play spaces as an important step in creating an inclusive society  that does not discriminate or exclude on the basis of ability.  They have since the opening of Coles, built other playgrounds in India.

What’s special about the play space in Coles park:

  • It is India’s first inclusive public play space, modified in collaboration with the Municipal Corporation
  • There is a ramp at the main gate to facilitate entry
  • There is a wheelchair track in the play space that allows easy movement for wheelchair users
  • Regular play equipment such as swings and merry-go-rounds have been fitted with safe seats to make children without upper body support feel secure and safe.
  • The slide has a raised side to enable its use by children fearful of heights.
  • A wheelchair sandpit and a Sensory Integration track are being constructed

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