Playground equipment that makes music

Children of all abilities like music.  Wonder Worx makes innovative sound-based playground equipment and site furnishings.  I think these are very creative pieces that you might want to consider putting in your playground.  Because of the noise they make, you will need to be very strategic of where you place them so that children who are sensitive to sound, do not need to be around them.  I would only pick one or at the most two to put in one playground.

In addition to the sound benefit, all of these are better if the children are engaging in cooperative play.  Encouraging cooperative play is an excellent addition to any inclusive playground.  In enables children who are lacking is social skills a place to practice in a non-threatening environment.

First is the WindChime Seesaw which has superballs that strike tuned chimes to create various notes.

Next is the WonderSwing.  The swing has pitch modulation elements that were engineered by one of America’s foremost pipe-organ manufacturers. Using an internal air compressor that converts the kinetic energy from the swinging action into airflow, the resulting notes are then controlled by means of sound holes located in the swing’s handhold.

The WonderTone is an instrument with an electronic synthesizer that is powered by a hand crank and produces tones that change pitch when a player interacts with the Motion Sensor.

What do you think of this innovative pieces?

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