Wordless Wednesday–Clemyjontri Playground

Every Wednesday, starting today, we will feature an accessible playground through pictures.  If you have a playground that you wish to have featured, send pictures to info@accessibleplayground.net


Clemyjontri playground (AKA Clemy Playground)

Located at 6317 Georgetown Pike, McLean Virginia



Aerial View of Clemu
Aerial View of Clemy


The entrance for Clemy an inclusive Playground
Horse on accessible carousel
Beautiful accessible carousel

Perimeter Path at inclusive playground

transportation area of playground

trains cars and automobilies


transportation pieces on accessible playground

accessible helicopter

A variety of challenges at inclusive playground
Variety of balance beams add a variety of challenge


balance beam at inclusive playground

more difficult balance beam at accessible playground
It's getting harder


and really hard


Gathering area at accessible playground
Let's Rest

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