Congratulations to Brodie’s Place a brand new accessible playground in Milford, CT

From Brodie’s Place Website

Bodie’s Place is a non-profit Milford organization that  built a community playground for all people no matter their abilities, ages or interests to enjoy each other and the world around them. Bodie’s Place is a fully accessible playground where everyone can participate and enjoy the basic and necessary tenant to play.

The park was funded thru independent donations (citizens and corporations) and federal grants; an increase to city taxes will NOT be incurred to create this park. (Check out their website for some of their fundraising ideas).

Our Inspiration
The name Bodie’s Place is a reference to the Vaccino’s son (Johnny) whom was nicknamed “Bodie” by his family and remains the inspiration for creating an all inclusive park. The Board members of Bodie’s Place have chosen a firefly as the mascot for the park to serve as a welcoming fictional character that lights a path on endless fun and exploration by all individuals regardless of their needs or abilities.

Everyone at wants to congratulate Brodie’s family and the entire community of Miford, CT for their commitment to build a playground where everyone is welcome.

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