Salmon Bay School reveals final design for ASD accessible playground | Ballard News-Tribune

Salmon Bay School reveals final design for ASD accessible playground | Ballard News-Tribune.

The final design for the Salmon Bay playground renovation and the necessary budget were revealed last night. Last night’s Open House gave community members one more chance to ensure that the design expresses the needs and dreams of the entire community.

At a community meeting in February, architects Johnson/Southerland presented three different designs for the playground and for two weeks community members were encouraged to vote on their favorite designs online. The playground is being designed to specifically support the needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders while being engaging for all children.

“The final design is really a blend of concept one and three,” said Project Manager, Robin Wise Lofstrom.

The community voted on elements they liked in each of the concepts and the architects worked to include them in the final drawing.

“The star planter was popular with everyone so we incorporated that into the final design. The little play pods is a specific ASD feature because it gives them space and allows them to be in their own bubble,” Lofstrom said.

Lofstrom said that the rock and ropes feature in the earlier designs have been replaced with parallel bars and the shelter was unpopular with the neighbors due to it being a potential safety concern.

The final playground design features Monkey Bars, a Roller Slide, a jump rope hook, a rain garden, lily pads, rings, a see-saw, kids basketball, wall ball, and a kids basketball stand.

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