Play for Life Symposium Reignites Attendees’ Passion for Play

Delano, Minn. (Nov. 30, 2010)— The 2010 Play for Life Symposium, held Oct. 23-24 in Minneapolis, Minn., was described as “awesome, inspirational, rejuvenating and spiritual” by Child Development Specialist Ernie Dettore, Ed.D. The second annual Symposium, founded by Ingrid M. Kanics, OTR/L, president of Kanics Inclusive Design Services LLC, and sponsored by Landscape Structures Inc., brought together professionals from all realms of the play industry.

Early on during the two-day event, participants and presenters bonded over their mutual belief in the power of play to positively impact people of all ages and abilities. Students, occupational therapists, physical therapists, landscape architectsrecreation professionals, educators and individuals representing organizations providing programs, services and advocacy for people with disabilities shared ideas and planned for collaboration beyond the Symposium. The presentations on the benefits of inclusive play across the lifespan provoked a discussion of a new chapter in inclusive play.

Speakers at the 2010 Inclusive Play Symposium included:

  • Ernie Dettore, Ed. D., Keystone STARS TA Consultant, University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development
  • Ingrid M. Kanics, OTR/L, President, Kanics Inclusive Design Services, LLC
  • John McConkey, Marketing Insights Manager, Landscape Structures
  • Marnie Norris-Fischer, Director of Programs,Shane’s Inspiration
  • Pamela Wolfberg, Ph.D. Associate Professor, San Francisco State University and Autism Institute on Peer Socialization and Play
  • Hedda Sharapan, M.S. Child Development, Director of Early Childhood Initiatives, The Fred Rogers Company
  • Al Condeluci, Ph.D., CEO, UCP/CLASS
  • Cynthia Gentry, Founding Director, Atlanta Taskforce on Play
  • Scott Rains, D.Min., New Mobility Person of the Year

“The Inclusive Play Symposium provided an opportunity for individuals to really have in-depth conversation about something they are all passionate about—play,” explained Ingrid. “The event took on energy of its own as each attendee shared their stories of what a truly inclusive experience can be.”

The Play for Life Symposium offered attendees many new ideas and allowed them to connect with other individuals striving toward the same goal. See more about the 2010 Play for Life Symposium, and stay tuned for details about a 2011 Symposium.

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