Do we need ramps in accessible playgrounds?

When we build accessible playgrounds we tend to spend a lot of money on ramps.

What do children do on the ramps?

Children who don’t use mobility devises, run on them.

Children who use mobility devise roll on them–but what then?  A parent could take them out of their wheelchair and put them on a slide.  I used to do this with my son.  The problem with this is that the child is at the bottom and the wheelchair is at the top.  The child does get a chance to see things up high–but is the return on investment really worth this. If there are play panels, talking tubes, or periscopes the child maybe able to use those as long as the equipment is positioned so they can reach them. Watch this video and see what the child using the wheelchair does on the ramp vs. the creative piece of equipment on the ground.

After you watch the video, let’s have a conversation of do we need ramps to create accessible playgrounds.

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