Vote for New Accessible Playgrounds–September Pepsi Refresh

Build Handicap Children’s Treehouse to Teach About Environment in Park

Suwanee is currently building White St. Park, a passive park that will offer opportunties to learn about nature, sustainability, gardening, etc. The park does not have a place for children with special needs and we would like to build a tree house with an observation area to learn about the many different species of birds, butterflies, bees, etc. and offer an above-the-tree gathering room to teach Suwanee’s children.  While the tree house will be open to all, we want to offer a true learning experience for special needs youth by making it wheelchair accessible with full ADA compliance/enhanced features for students with disabilities/LEED.   Of the 50 special educational classes in Suwanee’s schools totaling 1,340 students, there is no outdoor learning area. This tree house will serve as an outdoor magical classroom in the trees for students to develop an appreciation of our fragile environment for an exciting opportunity to refresh everything in their world.

Buy adaptive playground equipment for multiple disabilities students.

The project plan for the adaptive playground equipment is to purchase and install equipment that is accessible for the students with multiple disabilities in the Hamilton City School District in order to give all special needs students in Hamilton City Schools and the entire City of Hamilton a fun and interactive play to play.

Create a Natural, Accessible Playground at Toledo’s Wildwood Metropark

A lifelong passion for the outdoors has to begin somewhere. For most of us, it was time spent playing outside when we were kids, something today’s children are less likely to do than their parents or grandparents. The intent of this project is to get ALL kids outdoors where they will experience and connect with the unique natural habitats of the Ohio Oak Openings region as they play in each ecological community.  The Prairie is the central organizing space in the playground, providing a visual connection throughout and serving as a transition between active and passive play areas.  Here, children will run, play, get dirty, explore, invent and socialize.

Build A Handicap Accessible Playground At Lake Reba Park- Richmond, KY

The Madison County Community has come together to help build a Handicap Accessible Playground. This playground would be built at Lake Reba Park and would be an inclusive place “Where All Kids Can Play Together.”

The surfacing will be wheelchair accessible and will allow children, veterans, grandparents or moms with strollers to access the playground. A variety of playground equipment will be used to promote physical strength, coordination, fine and gross motor skills, flexibility, improved cognitive skills, visual benefits, hearing benefits, stimulate senses, social interaction and develop self confidence. Recreation is therapeutic for all abilities.  Play helps kids release energy, laugh, and socialize.  Beginning at a young age, play is necessary for development of the mind and the body.  Providing a structure to assist with these natural instincts would serve the children, the parents, and the community with continuous positive results.

Build a PirateShip-accessible playground in Alburnett, Linn Co., IA

The Pirate Ship Project is working to enhance our community by building a playground near Alburnett, Iowa. Located north Marion/Cedar Rapids, this area will not only offer our town a fun, safe place to gather but will also provide the surrounding communities with many options to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The playground will be accessible for all children so that every young person can play. We are working with the Alburnett Foundation to build and develop a Sports Complex for many sport events and a park area. The Playground Project is working to develop the park with a 1,000 square foot pirate ship playground reflecting the school’s mascot. This handicap accessible playground will allow children of all abilities to socially interact with each other. Our vision is to make this a popular destination where families help develop active lifestyles in their children and where they can spend time together.

Build a Playground by the Sound- imagined by kids, built by volunteers

As the result of a gravel mine reclamation project, we have been given a playground site overlooking Puget Sound. It is the perfect location for families to relax & play together. It will keep kids active and healthy, while teaching them about the rich ecosystem of Puget Sound, resource conservation & reclamation.  We interviewed hundreds of school children in five primary schools in our city. We asked them to help design their DREAM playground. Using their ideas, a playground specialist designed a 12,000 sq ft. creative, interactive, ADA accessible playground for children of all ages. It includes swings, shark tunnel, lighthouse, a whale, sea life box, boats, slides, climbing walls, and a “Galloping Gertie” bridge.   Maritime and avian wildlife structures will capture our community’s unique spirit and history. We are raising  funds & recruiting 750+ volunteers to build (in one week) this unique, “kid designed”, educational, community playground.

Build an all accessible tree house at Southwind Park in Spfld, IL

The All Accessible Tree House at Springfield’s new Southwind Park will enable children with disabilities the opportunity to explore nature and the thrilling sensation of climbing a tree without barriers. The Springfield Parks Foundation and the Springfield Park District will work together with an outside consultant to design a blueprint and build an all accessible treehouse. There is only one all accessible tree house in Illinois in the Barrington Park District. This one of a kind project will be located near the children’s garden in Southwind Park and will be a focal point of the playground, the park and Springfield.

Help special needs preschool students have a natural playground.

By creating a natural play environment along with some traditional playground equipment will improve students strength, coordination and stimulate their imagination as children interact with natural materials.  We would like to incoporate these natural elements in our playground; natural hill slides, outdoor musical instruments, trail, garden, labyrinth and other natural elements.  We would like to replace the small rocks in our current playground with rubber matting. This will let children access the play area easier who need assistance. Some of the structures in our current playground need to be moved, painted and replaced. The items being replaced would include a sandbox, climbing structure and swings.  This play area would also serve other programs in the building including At-risk preschool, Head Start, After school program, Parents as Teachers and other students of different ages.

Build A Park Where EVERY Kid Can Be A Kid No Matter Their Ability.

Our Playground for all kids will have Play Structures that are configured to support children’s development. Where every child can reach the highest deck. Universally accessible pathways and surfacing. Cozy Spots where everyone can gather. Equipment like swings and bounders with back support. Elevated sand tables and activity panels where children of all abilities can play together. Sensory rich activities that let the imagination soar. On average 100,000 children of all abilities play on this type of playground. $24,000 already raised from fundraisers, corporate donors and individuals. We have had numerous write ups in our city, county, state news papers, and many non profit newsletters.

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