Eight years of bake sales leads to new accessible playground in Sergeant Bluff

After eight years of fundraising, an elementary school in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, was finally able to build its new playground with equipment from Landscape Structures.

Community volunteers who helped to install the equipment were members of the school community as well as eight members of the 185th Refueling Unit of the Iowa Air National Guard. While the project cost an estimated $70,000, the entire community will benefit from the new structure.

“We started fundraising for playground equipment nearly eight years ago,” Amber Bliss, the PTO’s secretary, said. “It took a lot of bake sales, book sales and fun runs to get us to this point, but we did it.”

According to the news provider, the equipment won’t be limited to elementary school children – kids of all ages will be able to enjoy the playground’s many features. The specific pieces which includes an EVOS system were chosen to help children flex both their physical and mental muscles.  The playground will be opened to the entire community not just the students of the school.  Therefore, everyone in the community will be able to enjoy the playground’s new chinning bar, “noodle tube,” and “gyro twister.”

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