Using the radio to raise money for accessible playground

While towns have a variety of ways to collect money for local projects, a radio station in Dothan, Alabama, recently raised $45,000 for a new playground. According to the Dothan Eagle, radio personalities Bud Ford and Jerry Broadway stayed on the air for 12 hours and charged listeners for song requests.

“The more out there they got, the more we charged them,” Broadway told the news source of the requests. “Somebody paid $100 for a Springsteen song that even Springsteen doesn’t remember recording.”

Broadway’s vested interest in the playground, which will accommodate children with special needs, stems from finding a place for his 8-year-old son, who was born with a brain malformation and is developmentally delayed, to play.

“He needs somewhere he can go and burn off some energy,” Broadway added.

Meanwhile, Ford also has a reason to support the cause – his 30-year-old brother is developmentally delayed and confined to a wheelchair, the news provider reports.

Communities interested in constructing an inclusive playground can follow Dothan’s lead and hold fundraisers to collect money for the project. Bake sales, raffles and auctions are great ways to get residents involved and gather donations.

Learn more about Inclusive Play and how to build a playground.  Thank you to Landscape Structures Inc for this story.

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