Congratulations to June Pepsi Refresh Winners who are promoting play!

Congratulations to all of the June Pepsi Refresh Winners.  Here is the list of projects that won that are promoting play and playgrounds.

Meeker Elementary PTA was awarded $25K!

Our goal is to supplement our current playground with a structure that is more challenging for the older students. Our current structure was installed in the 1980’s. It is showing signs of strain. The current surface of pea gravel does not meet ASTM standards and must be replaced with manufactured wood chips. We will also ensure that the playground will meet ADA standards.  Our playing field is open to the public after school hours. This field serves local churches, daycare and home school students. An overall improvement of our playing field would benefit the communtiy as well as our students. The strength of our PTA is evidenced in our fundraising activities. Currently, we are selling personalized bricks to Meeker parents, alumni and community leaders. Our plans for Spring fundraisers include an Auction and a Walk-a-thon.  Between fundraising and grants, our phenomenal PTA has raised $20,768.55 toward our goal of $47,000.

Carder Koala Run Playground, Corning Southside Neighborhood Assn was awarded $50K!

Our playground project creates a magical play space for kids and community. The kids designed and named it Koala Run, have helped every step of the way – and they’ll help build it!  A GOOD elementary school playground is ESSENTIAL to student education and exercise! Our existing playground is sub-standard: equipment is aging and inappropriate for our youngest students; we have NO equipment/activities for our special needs kids; the asphalt play surface is UNSAFE; the playground layout is unchanged since the 1950s & doesn’t meet today’s safe/optimal play standards. Koala Run includes:  8,000 SF enclosed play area for children ages 2-12; FULL ADA compliance/enhanced features for students with disabilities; Play components that echo our community’s architectural and cultural features; PreK students will soon be integrated into the school; new play structures are critical for our growing population – 30% of which are underprivileged.

Colo-Nesco Preschool Playground Project was awarded $5K!

They are swinging on new swings! We have purchased and installed the swing sets, swings, and playcurbs that the Pepsi grant helped us fund!

NW AR Resource Conservation & Development Council was awarded $25K!

They plan to build a multi use plaza style skatepark that will promote a healthy constructive recreational activity for youth while revitalizing the historic downtown area, encouraging small businesses to fill empty store fronts and generating tourist revenue with activities held in park.

Vote for accessible playgrounds in August

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