The Marshfield Kids at Play Park opens to replace the Mazes

History repeats itself to ensure that children in Marshfield, MA always have a place to play.

TWENTY YEARS AGO, Marshfield parents recognized that their children needed a community playground. For twelve hours a day, over five consecutive days, more than 1,500 people came together and worked toward that common goal. The result: the Marshfield Mazes.  For years, children played for hours on this amazing playground

Unfortunately, Marshfield Mazes, once located at Forest Street was torn down in 2007 for various safety concerns including damage caused by a car crash and concerns of arsenic-treated wood. Therefore, the Mazes are no more and Marshfield children find themselves once again without a community playground.

The children for whom the Mazes were built are now adults and parents, ready to repeat history with the construction of a new community playground, accessible by children and parents of ALL abilities. The Marshfield Kids at Play Park is 10,000 sq feet, and has 16 slides, a rock climbing wall, and full access for all children. The playground also incorporates representations of historic town spots, such as the Winslow House and the Marshfield Hills General Store, owned by actor Steve Carell, into the design. Carell has also donated to the playground, including items signed by cast members of his TV show ‘‘The Office,’’ which were auctioned during fundraising.

The location of the new playground is in Library Plaza, located off Snow Road in Marshfield Center.

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