Playtime soon for children of all abilities in South Delta, British Columbia

After about two years in the making, the project to allow kids to be just kids, no matter what their physical challenges, is about ready.  Here is a great video to promote their new playground.  This is an excellent way to build excitement and funds in the home stretch of building an accessible playground.

Thanks to the Tsawwassen Boundary Bay Lions Club, the expanded playground at Centennial Beach will be ready for a grand opening in time for Father’s Day celebrations on June 20.

Harry Caine, leader of the $400,000 expansion project said he was proud of the work his colleagues put into the facility, plus the generosity of local donors and provincial funding to pay for the work which makes it the first to integrate disabled and abled children.

“Soon, the kids will be able to play side by side, and that’s the overall aim of this playground,” said Caine. “And when the kids begin to mix, they’ll find there’s no difference between them. That’s the goal.”

The playground is also a first in the use of Playground Grass covering a base of rubber chips that makes for a cushioned surface.

Fellow Lions club member Murray Hastings said he was excited about the Landscape Structures playground opening to the public.

“I’ve got five grandchildren and they’re all of an age that will allow them to take part and make use of this, as well as those kids with disabilities,” Hastings said.

Lion Neil Simpson said the project’s inclusive nature is what drew him to help.

“It was something we wanted to do after putting in the original park for the able bodied kids,” he said. “We wanted a place where the kids could assimilate, get to know each other better and just be kids.”

Fellow Lion Steve Scott added one of the big draws to Tsawwassen has been the beach playground.

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