AMBUCS come together to build playground in Lubbock, TX

AMBUCS™ Hub City Playground

Few joys can compare to that of seeing children play for the first time on a beautiful new playground. The laughter and exuberance of the children is uplifting, and their spirit reaffirms the beauty of play itself.

There is another feeling of satisfaction that surpasses even this, and that is when we christen a new truly beyond accessible playground—one that embraces design far beyond the realm of the ADA to welcome children of all abilities. These projects are invariably made possible only by a group of people whose dedication to those with physical and mental disabilities is so complete that the result of their collaboration and vision is nothing short of incredible.

Beyond accessible playgrounds create new demands and encourage fresh thinking. Frequently, there is no road map to follow—no easy template of design. We are required to put ourselves in the shoes of children who desperately want to be at the center of play, and yet see and experience the world in a different way.

The types and sequence of play events we select, the characteristics of the safety surfacing we specify and the access through the surrounding environment all take on heightened importance. When it all comes together—the funding, the vision, the construction and the kids—the feeling of accomplishment is profound.

Such is the case with the AMBUCS™ Hub City Playground in Lubbock, Texas. More than four years in the making, this incredible 20,000 square-foot playground was a collaboration between the City of Lubbock, the department of parks and recreation, nearby rehabilitative medical centers, and the three Lubbock chapters of AMBUCS, a group dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

To see more beyond accessible playgrounds, browse Landscape Structures selection of designs in Find Playground Designs. If you have questions about starting your own beyond accessible playground project, contact your local Landscape Structures playground consultant.

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