Looking for a fundraiser for a new playground–sell pumpkin seeds

It wasn’t the largest donation that Lucy’s Playground has received.  The results were only $13.  But when a 6 year old sees the need for a playground for all and wants to help–how many lessons is he learning as well as the adults in his life.

From The Watertown Daily Times

When Carson G. Truesdale, 6, heard someone wanted to build a playground for children, disabled or otherwise, to play on together, he wanted to lead a fundraising effort.

Not knowing what a grant was or what donations in memory of someone were, the Sherman Elementary first-grader decided to help raise funds for the Lucy A. Colello Playground in an unusual way: he sold pumpkin seeds.

“I was wondering what I should do, and then I got the idea and sold the pumpkin seeds right in front of my house,” Carson said. “We smashed up three pumpkins. It was fun.”

Carson said they raised $13 by selling seeds to friends and neighbors, and were happy to help get a new playground for their school. Rebekah A. Babcock, 7, a second-grader, and her brother, Ryan M. Babcock, 8, a third-grader, helped sell the pumpkin seeds.

He and his friends will be getting their new playground on May 15th!

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