Grant available for Athletics in Western States

As of February 1, the Charlotte Martin Foundation is accepting grant applications. For the current year no request can exceed $20,000.

The Foundation believes  in ensuring opportunities for all youth, particularly minorities, to develop their skills in education, creative and cultural expression and athletics in ways that ultimately promote their habits of lifelong learning and their ability to make strong and lasting contributions to their respective communities.

YOUTH – defined as ages six to eighteen. Projects must focus on young people as the primary participants or beneficiaries.

The  foundation believes Athletics include a wide range of individual and team sports, with an emphasis on the value of sports for lifelong participation. School-sponsored intramural and after school sports programs have been greatly reduced, and middle-school aged youth have been most affected. After school athletics can be the incentive that gets kids involved in programs that also have educational and cultural components. Demand is increasing for athletics programs and facilities in rural areas and inner cities. More girls are getting involved in sports, requiring additional programs and space. Coaches are key to a positive experience for young people, and good coaching requires training.

They fund:

  1. Sports programs, facilities and equipment, for both boys and girls, where youth populations are underserved.

  2. After school and off-hours sports programs making better use of existing facilities.

  3. A focus on ages 8-15 with special emphasis in getting younger children introduced to the value of sports for lifelong participation.

    They fund projects in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska.

    Find out more information and how to apply at

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