Port Hope, Ontario Gets New Playground thanks to a 14 year old

“A dream come true,” says Zac Andrus, 14 at the ground breaking of a new playground.  Zac has dedicated the last two years to raising money for and designing an accessible playground.  The park will have an accessible swing, monkey bars, braille and musical play pads, and the slides will have deep edges for safety. The entire park will be accessible and have equipment mounted on a rubber surface.  Through his leadership, the community raised over $125,000 for their playground.

This is an amazing feat for any community to meet.  It is even further amazing that a 14 year old led the charge.  Then add the fact that Zac has CP and it shows that when you truly believe in something, you can do anything.  “I never want another child not to be able to go for a swing .”  said Zac.   Thanks to his work, children in Port Hope, Ontario will be swinging for a long time.

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